Personal training not right for you?

If you've always wanted to train for and enter an obstacle course race, a trail run event or an adventure race, but not had anyone to do it with - Then AscendFit is the place for you

Ascend Fit provides specialised online, group and personal training options for those looking to take on a new fitness adventure. Choose an event, pick a training option and let's get you race day ready to smash your goals.

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Introduction - Who Am I?

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Meet Chris

When I first met Liam in March 2012, I was 97kg and having some serious back problems. Faced with making a choice between having surgery on my back or losing the weight and strengthening my core, it was an easy decision. I came to Liam with a goal of getting to 80kg by my birthday in July. "Easy" he said. I wasn't so sure.

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