Personal training not right for you?

Still looking for some awesome results?  Want to be part of a fantastic fitness community?

Take a look at 'Your Gym in a Bag' where training is made fast and flexible with the option of training at home or in your local park.

Your Gym in a Bag

Losing weight is very simple in theory, but it can be a challenging thing to accomplish.

The formula for fat loss is: ENERGY IN (food) Vs. ENERGY OUT (the energy your body needs to function/think/exercise)

All you need to do is either cut down the amount you eat, or the better option is to exercise more.

personal-trainerIf you just cut down the high energy foods such as takeaways, processed foods and pastries then this alone can make a HUGE difference.

If you can then increase your exercise you will achieve your goal in no time at all.

I help you create a healthy lifestyle by developing a program of exercise and eating plan that will get rid of excessive fat.

You learn to be accountable to yourself and me so that you stick to your goals.

We work to getting you back into the things you used to do to stay healthy including the activities that you used to be involved in, from swimming to cycling to running and playing with your children, friendly sports activities - anything that gets you huffing and puffing!

For exercise just do something that you love so you can do it consistently and it can become part of your lifestyle. This can be a sport, activity or hobby. Just go for it and do it. The other benefit for exercising is you will get fitter and feel great!

What People Say...


I have struggled with my weight and motivation to do anything about it for a long time. Since meeting Liam and signing on to his program, I have begun to shape up and feel better than I have in a long time.

Anyone considering a personal trainer, you need look no further. Liam is your guy!