Personal training not right for you?

If you've always wanted to train for and enter an obstacle course race, a trail run event or an adventure race, but not had anyone to do it with - Then AscendFit is the place for you

Ascend Fit provides specialised online, group and personal training options for those looking to take on a new fitness adventure. Choose an event, pick a training option and let's get you race day ready to smash your goals.

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For most people it is:

  • No physical activity in their lifestyle. Too many of us spend all day at a desk.  When we get home, we don't feel up to going for a walk or playing with our kids.
  • No awareness of the fact that we're not doing anything.
  • Unmindful eating - not paying attention to our food intake and how much we actually need to have a stable weight, and how much we can change our diet to not only eat well but lose unneeded weight.

I know it can be easy to feel depressed and helpless about how to get started and that's where my job starts: to get you on that road to lifelong good health.

personal-trainer-auckland-2How I Work With You

First I will create a healthy lifestyle for you by developing a program of exercise and an eating plan that will get rid of excessive fat.

Then... you learn to be accountable to yourself and me so that you stick to your goals.

Ultimately...we work to getting you back into the things you used to do to stay healthy perhaps when you were younger or before an injury.

All those sports and activities that you used to be involved in, from swimming to cycling to running and playing with your children.

How Do I Stay Motivated?

Motivation, the desire to do stuff is the key to any behaviour.

In my view it can only come if you are working towards something you are actually passionate about.

This could be anything and everyone is different.

It might be you have a wedding coming up and you need to look your best in that dress or suit. It might be that you want to be able to feel confident at the beach or that you can't stand feeling fat and unfit in front of your kids?

Once you have this reason to make a change, you will not lack motivation. I will be there all the way; checking up on you and making sure you stay committed and make sure that motivation stays with you as you move through life.

What People Say...


With Liam's workouts, food advice, support and encouragement, I actually lost weight (AT LAST!) My medical condition improved and now I feel good about my body - I can finally say 'hand on heart - this works'.