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How can working out only once a week possibly work?

You've probably been told you have to go to the gym at least four times a week.

But strength training once a week at the intensity we work at, offers a week-by-week progression because every week you either increase your weight or repetitions on an exercise. Building muscle increases your metabolism - you see and feel yourself getting stronger!!! As trainers we train ourselves in exactly the same way.

Also by expending energy in a session and getting help to create a healthy lifestyle you will lose fat, tone up and feel great!!

Why not just go to the gym?

Have you ever gone to the gym and while your lifting you say to yourself, "i think that might do..."??? Also have you been afraid that if you lift anything heavier than you are currently doing that you may, drop it, injure yourself or worse...???

Training with me in a one-on-one controlled environment means you will be pushed, get great results and do it safely!! Why waste your time being scared to train at any real intensity and getting average results when you could be getting amazing results with a professional!

Will you come to my place of work/home?

I am not a Mobile trainer. You will get your results coming to a boutique, appointment-based facility with all the equipment needed and a great atmosphere where you can feel focused and comfortable.

Luckily for you, you will not have to come more than once or twice a week to get results so it is time friendly and convenient.

What can I expect?

When you come in the door, there is a nice waiting area with magazines to read and a comfy couch to sit and relax on.

Alternatively you can walk through into the training area where there is another comfy couch where you can relax and observe any other sessions happening while you wait. The studio does have an array of free weights, a few frames for doing chin ups or squats and some other machines as well. There is a small kitchen and a bathroom with toilet and basin where you are able to change if your coming straight from work. There will be a drink and towel provided for you when you come in.

Do I have to undertake a minimum number of sessions?

In order to get results you need to come once a week as a minimum so you can progressively get stronger and be held accountable to your goals. Most people set a goal date to work towards but if you don't have a specific date we make one that has some significance to you. This should be at least a 12 week period so you get to see some results.

What forms of exercise will I be taking?

What you should expect in terms of training are safe functional strengthening exercises or fun filled cardio sessions which involve an array of exercises sometimes including boxing or body weight based movements.

Everything is safe and controlled so you can give it your all without the risk of injury due to bad technique or fatigue. It is an amazing environment that you can feel relaxed and comfortable in.

How will my progress be assessed?

Your progress can be assessed in a number of ways.

The two most important ways are through measurements and progression of weights or fitness (repetitions or time based).

All you weights and repetitions are recorded every session so you and i are able to see how you are going and able to adjust to get the optimum results.

With the measurements we can do tape measurements (which i would always recommend as they give some real numbers to work with), Before and after Photos and also caliper pinch tests which give you an idea of your body fat percentage.

What times are available?

I get results for people from Monday to Friday from early till late. Sessions can start from 6am till 7pm but are subject to availability.

Why should women work with weights?

Women benefit from weights more than men! Weights will give women a lean, athletic looking body and also help prevent osteoporosis!

If you are a women you will NOT get massive muscles! it is genetically not possible. What you see in the body building world are women who are

taking drugs and supplements that change their hormones to allow more muscle to build than naturally able.

How does Weight training help Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the bone density decreasing which can lead to pain and even your bones weakening to the point of Fracturing or breaking. The way to stop this from happening is to make your bones take a load through them in order to encourage them to strengthen. One of the safest and best ways is to LIFT WEIGHTS! if you lift weights you will make your bones stronger too, not just your muscles! the best thing is that it is a low impact way of training so your joints stay happier.



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I have struggled with my weight and motivation to do anything about it for a long time. Since meeting Liam and signing on to his program, I have begun to shape up and feel better than I have in a long time.

Anyone considering a personal trainer, you need look no further. Liam is your guy!