Personal training not right for you?

Still looking for some awesome results?  Want to be part of a fantastic fitness community?

Take a look at 'Your Gym in a Bag' where training is made fast and flexible with the option of training at home or in your local park.

Your Gym in a Bag

Richard went from extremely overweight to extremely fit! He started with a 122cm waist and dropped to an 82cm waist while dramatically increasing strength and muscle.

He started training with very bad asthma and taking an inhaler every day, to not even having to use an inhaler.

Richard Before: Richard before his sessions with Liam
Richard After: Richard after working out with Liam

What People Say...


Since training I have increased energy levels, I am definitely achieving more in my day and find it a lot easier to get up in the morning – even when I am not training.

My overall fitness is outstanding, the level of intensity of my workouts with Liam has increased markedly and this reflects in my performance at burn class which compliments the one on one training.

Overall my initial goal of overall wellness has been achieved, I am happier, healthier and fitter. – thanks Liam.