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Your Gym in a Bag

Hi, I'm Karla - personal trainer and female fat loss specialist. I have been a personal trainer for about 3 years and love helping my clients feel more confident and get great results!

I compete in bikini shaping competitions and enjoy a wide range of training including boxing, Crossfit and weight training. I believe that in order to be successful with fat loss and transforming your body, health and fitness should be part of your lifestyle.

My passion is working with women, to help them lose fat, build toned muscle and get them the body they've either lost or always wanted! If this sounds like you, get in touch with me, so we can make a plan that works for your lifestyle and get you on the road to results!

 karla hatch

I have been actively working with in the fitness industry for a little over two years and have already had the opportunity to help a large number of people realize their health and fitness goals while educating them to ensure that they can continue to make improvements for the rest of their lives.

My real passions within fitness are football and weight training. I actively play football both throughout winter and summer and have been doing so for 15+ years. Weight training is something I picked up roughly 4 years ago and has become my biggest focus in recent years.

I am working alongside my clients to create personalized training programs and give nutritional advice that fits each individual’s lifestyle. From this they are gaining amazing results in fat loss, muscle and energy gains, an increased knowledge of how their bodies work, and a better quality of life. I put a strong focus on weight training and ensuring it is performed in the correct manor to bring maximum results and minimize chances of injury.

If you're looking transform your body and acquire the knowledge to maintain a stronger, leaner and healthier body for the rest of your life I would love to help.

sam murphy

Call Out to 35+ ladies! I am Susan Findlay but everyone calls me Sparkles or Sparks.

I have a 'Max Fitness Business Diploma' and have been in the fitness profession since 2008 when weighing in at 80 kilograms and feeling unhealthy, fat and tired, I made a decision to change my lifestyle.

After my transformation I now share that knowledge to help other ladies get the same results I experienced. I love the benefits of resistance training; have competed in a number of triathlons and love living life. 

I specialize in improving ladies health and wellness through building strength, fitness, losing fat and increasing energy. I love improving peoples quality of life and helping people look fantastic! I have done some stuff but who cares! It’s not about me it’s about YOU!

So... If you want to start a journey where you can be the best version of you and enjoy your life to the fullest, come talk to me to get started.  

susan findlay

What People Say...


I have done training in the past and didn't stick with it. Mainly because the trainer took a quick fix approach, losing the weight as fast as we can, rather than what Liam has done which is take our time and build healthy and effective habits that help me lose weight and gain muscle effectively and sustainably.

I have never enjoyed and looked forward to working out as much as I do now.