Personal training not right for you?

Still looking for some awesome results?  Want to be part of a fantastic fitness community?

Take a look at 'Your Gym in a Bag' where training is made fast and flexible with the option of training at home or in your local park.

Your Gym in a Bag

I have been a Personal Trainer and fitness professional for over 7 years now and have helped a large number of people positively change their fitness, health and quality of life. 

I personally practice what I preach. I strength train, compete regularly overseas in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and trail running and have practiced Martial Arts for over 14 years. I am always hungry to learn and as a result, continue to further my education in health and fitness constantly. This has included being trained in Suspension Training and also a becoming certified as a level 1 ZUU instructor. 

My hobbies outside of my competing are broad and varied. I love being active. I rock climb, swim, ski, surf, hike and fish. 

What I get the most satisfaction from is helping teach and positively change peoples lives. I meet many people that have taken their health and fitness for granted, lost it and then asked me to get it back for them. It is incredibly rewarding to see someones life completely change both physically and emotionally. Seeing people become truly happy in themselves keeps me charged and passionate about what I do. It also has made me realise that getting a result in someones health and fitness comprises mainly of 3 things.

1- Understanding what will make you healthy and happy

2- Creating a plan and gaining knowledge that will get you there

3- Having the accountability and support to keep you on track.  

I would love to help you so if you have any questions, feel free to message me through my contact form.

What People Say...

Meet Chris

When I first met Liam in March 2012, I was 97kg and having some serious back problems. Faced with making a choice between having surgery on my back or losing the weight and strengthening my core, it was an easy decision. I came to Liam with a goal of getting to 80kg by my birthday in July. "Easy" he said. I wasn't so sure.

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